Ancestral Health is the new paradigm in wellness that embraces a way of eating & living that draws on the know-how of our ancestors and blends it with the technology of the 21st century, balancing our physiology so we can be happy, healthy, high performing humans.

Ancestral Living starts with nutrient dense whole foods?

Nutrient dense whole foods prepared using traditional methods that maximize digestibility, bioavailability of nutrients, flavor and satiation are the bedrock of vibrant health. We are what we eat!

A meal is nutrient dense when it is prepared from scratch using fresh, unadulterated whole foods that have been minimally processed in an ancestral kitchen. Using traditional food preparation methods ensures nutrients are easily digested and as bioavailable as possible. Nutrient dense foods exclude allergens and toxins like gluten, refined sugar and industrially-processed seed and vegetable oils.

‘Ancestralizing’ how we move, sleep, love and live.

Evolving to an ancestral lifestyle is not simply historical re-enactment. It is a toolkit we can learn to navigate the modern world by blending the state-of-the-art with ancestral ‘know-how’. It is rooted in defensible science and the anthropological record. Gaining a basic understanding of how your body works is the first step to evolving your eating and living habits in ways that promote optimal health.

The know-how about:

  • What to eat, how much and how often
  • What not to eat and why
  • How to get hydrated
  • How to get your digestion working well
  • How to upgrade your sleep
  • The difference between movement and exercise – How much and what type you need of both
  • How your body deals with stress and how to support it

‘Ancestralizing’ your body and health is a process of learning by doing. It is about ‘know-how’ as much as what and why. It is pragmatic, incremental and exploratory as we are each unique in our nutritional and lifestyle requirements. Bioindividuality is KING! There is no one size fits all. Relearning what our ancestors knew about eating and living takes us on a path that is as rewarding as it is confronting. The principles, concepts and science behind ancestral health are validated by our own N=1 experience.

There are no quick-fixes, silver bullets or magic pills… there is just real food as nature intended prepared the way our ancestors knew was best in our own kitchens.

Fresh, Unadulterated Whole Foods include plants, vegetables and roots, grass-fed pasture raised meats, wild game, poultry and eggs, wild caught seafood, seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds. We source our whole foods from clean, local providers that practice sustainable farming methods.

Traditional food preparation methods:

Processing food changes the nutrients in raw foods in good or bad ways. The traditional processing methods developed by our ancestors such as soaking, sprouting, fermenting, culturing and slow cooking are some of the traditional methods we use to optimize the nutrient density of our meals. Ancestral methods enhance the quantity and type of nutrients present in foods. In an Ancestral Kitchen we optimize the ‘bioavailability’ of nutrients and limit the impact of anti-nutrients such as phytates, oxalic acid and lectins that are present in some raw foods. By creating meals that combine a variety of nutrient dense foods in ancestral ways we also enhance our body’s ability to digest and absorb them. Ancestral meals are at once exquisitely delicious and satiating because our brains are hardwired to identify and consume just the right amount of nutrient dense food. As a consequence, it’s actually quite difficult to overeat ancestral foods as the hormonal mechanisms that control our appetite, hunger and satiety take over and tell us when we have had sufficient. No calorie counting or weighing and measuring of portions required.

Conversely, the INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING methods used to produce the foods typical in the Standard American Diet (SAD) have the effect of stripping foods of their essential nutrients in favor of technologically ‘enhanced’ flavor, color, mouth feel and most commonly, shelf stability. Industrial foods are typically calorically (energy) dense but devoid of most of the essential nutrients our bodies are seeking. Consequently, persistent hunger, cravings and overeating are the norm as the hormonal mechanisms that control our appetite, hunger and satiety are not triggered in the absence of essential nutrients despite the calories we may have consumed.

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