The Ancestral Intensive Program: Full Day Workshop

Purpose: To provide employees with the knowledge (what and why) and practical tools they need to adopt ancestral eating and lifestyle habits.

Description: This full day (8 hour) intensive program incorporates a 3-course ancestral meal, snacks and beverages. It empowers employees to take control of their health by providing a deep understanding of how their bodies work and how various foods impact their physiology. They will learn how their food and lifestyle choices directly contribute to or reverse the symptoms that are stopping them from being the happiest, highest functioning human they can be. Employees will connect the dots between their eating and lifestyle choices and the health outcomes that impact how they look, feel and function on a daily basis. The program is designed to be a fun, social experience with opportunities to taste and discover some exquisitely delicious, nutrient dense ancestral foods and beverages.

“I recommend Ancestral Path Programs to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their life wholly and naturally- no gimmicks- just you and smart choices.” -Jennifer Romans

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