The Ancestral Evolution Program: 8 Week Program

Purpose: To facilitate employees that are ready to make a commitment to changing their eating and living habits in order to reclaim their health and vitality. In addition to providing employees with the knowledge and practical tools they will need, this program focuses on supporting employees to implement the behavior changes and build the skills and know-how required to make ancestral eating and living habits, and the health improvements they result in, sustainable over the long term.

Description: This is an 8-week program that provides employees with the knowledge, skills and ongoing support to implement ancestral eating and lifestyle habits. Each week, employees complete a 1-hour workshop that progressively builds their knowledge and provides the know-how and tools to establish new habits incrementally over the term of the program. Participants are facilitated each week to complete ancestral homework tasks both individually and in small groups that will evolve their behaviors and help them develop the skills and know-how to embed new habits. As they encounter obstacles to their new behaviors they will be supported to troubleshoot and find solutions that work with their personal circumstances. Long term, sustainable habit changes are the principal objective of this program.

“This program has been transformative to say the least.  In addition to the first health benefit I am realizing (an improved immune system) it has had a really positive “emotional” benefit. It has re-introduced me to my love of sourcing, prepping, serving and enjoying good, whole, real food! I am a happier person!  It has made me focus on living more- planning meals, planning activities, and doing them. Instead of just using my time with poor choices and always feeling a beat behind, I feel a better connection to living a more ‘wholesome’ life.” ~Candy Keubel

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