An important person in my life often tells me, “You must go slow to go fast”.  I do NOT like to go slow (but desperately want to!) and when I hear this, it hits a nerve every time. Because, IT’S TRUE! I currently move at a pace that is far too fast, not sustainable, and goes directly against what I believe in and what I am striving for.  

I’ve come to realize something very important in the last year of building a new food business, raising my children, and creating an evolved, happier life: as I move at this frenetic, diligent pace (and stay “so damn busy”), I miss out on life. In my need to fill every second, get it all done, and make it ‘perfect’, I’m overcompensating for discomfort or unhappiness. Recounting the million things I got done in a day does not make me feel more valuable or worthy- it’s not enough to “just do”. I have a feeling I’m not the only one… this “get it all done perfectly” attitude is an epidemic of ‘dis ease’ in our culture.

Many of us have manufactured a sense of urgency in our lives. We create the stress, expectations, and impossible standards in our own lives and therefore, in the lives of those around us. There’s much that is completely out of our control in our jam-packed, industrious lives- but there are likely things on our ‘list’ that have been put there as filler, a strategy to ‘numb out’, or as a way to avoid moving ourselves into the dark, scary places. Recognizing the tasks on your lists that get in the way of reaching your TRUE success is a great place to start as you plan how to evolve in the New Year. It’s part of OUR evolution, and we urge you to try it, too.

So, here’s my assignment for you to kick off 2016 in a more focused way:

  1. Find your “to do” list(s) now. (If you’re anything like me and my partner, Helen, your lists of personal, business, and other items bleed onto many pages in many notebooks- find them all!)
  2. Using Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle (below), reorder your list using specific categories. (What is both Important and Urgent and therefore should be at the top of the list?)
  3. Now, make a list of what you have realized you can GET RID OF to make more time and space for what you want more of.
  4. Finally, celebrate your success. You have taken steps to get MORE FOCUSED and intentional about your time!

Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle

WHOLEmade Meal Shares Maine

Evolution happens as a result of many forces pushing us in one direction, but it all begins with you and your focused, intentional decisions. I hope this exercise was helpful as you decide how to evolve for your family, your body, and your business in 2016. Please let us know what you discovered and how things progress as you continue to #EatLearnEvolve!

~Stacy and Helen

Stacy Cimino and Helen Allard of Ancestral Path Wholemade Meal Shares of Maine

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