Chef Frank Giglio, Three Lily Farm

Meet Chef Frank Giglio of Midcoast Maine’s Three Lily Farm and Newest Member of the WHOLEmade Meal Shares Tribe

By Stacy Cimino from WHOLEmade Meal Shares

Meet my dear friend, Chef Frankie G, who is the newest member of the WHOLEmade Meal Shares tribe! He is filling the role of our “Culinary Mentor” as we bring ancestral foods to your tables each week. Chef Frank Giglio lives and loves the “ancestral” lifestyle alongside his wife, Camille, and their young son, Wilder, at Three Lily Farm.  It’s an off-the-grid, unique culinary education center where Frank teaches and shares his passion for living off the land and building community.  He has built a destination for others to come and learn the critical importance of harvesting, foraging, preparing and eating REAL food.

Frank is a gifted teacher with a warmth and passion that’s contagious. He’s a classically trained chef with a deep understanding of nutrition as well as an ultra-athlete who has competed in numerous events. “Chef Frankie G” has taken his formal education and combined it with personal experimentation to create a diet and lifestyle combination that is not only sustainable, but also allows him to push his physical limits.

Spending time with Frank and his family at their home has been an important part of my journey.  I smile each time I think about the long, windy, steep road you must travel to get to their land- just the thought of it makes me breathe deeper. Maybe it’s the dirt road, the open space, or the fresh, spring-fed pond… perhaps it’s the incredible food foraged from the earth, the extra jar of mead or the deep conversations that happen there. Whatever it is, the feeling of comfort I feel at Three Lily Farm is certainly a combination of all of these things.  It’s  the amazing community of people Frank brings together that makes the magic happen!

On the Road to Three Lily Farm

So… here’s the big, important, exciting, brilliant news- WHOLEmade Meal Shares is about to get the cooking education of a lifetime! Chef Frank Giglio has agreed to mentor us to help us bring you the highest quality, freshest most flavorful ancestral foods each week. Chef Frank’s goals and food/lifestyle philosophy are closely aligned with what we are teaching about ancestral lifestyle, health, and nutrition. Together, our team is striving to utilize ancestral culinary techniques (like our great grandmothers did!) to create the, most nutrient dense and delicious food possible.

We are thrilled to welcome Chef Frankie G to the WHOLEmade Meal Shares team. He will help us fuel even more  bodies, minds and spirits while inspiring everyone to live life to the fullest!

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