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Circles of Fire and Truth

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go – a place of women, to help you learn the ways of woman- a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become […]

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Be BOLD Break the Mold – Snow Globes and Surrender

I had a stomachache that lasted over a decade. The muscles in my cheeks hurt most of the time. Medical tests, supplements, and restrictive diets were my life. I never clued in that the source of my pain went beyond what I was putting in my mouth… that it also lay with what I […]

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New Year Evolution: Moving From “Busy” to “Intentional” in 2016

An important person in my life often tells me, “You must go slow to go fast”.  I do NOT like to go slow (but desperately want to!) and when I hear this, it hits a nerve every time. Because, IT’S TRUE! I currently move at a pace that is far too fast, not sustainable, […]

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Gratitude Moves Us From Dark to Light

As I sit down to write this, we move into the darkest days of the year in Maine- the winter solstice is upon us. This time of the year is incredibly powerful as we put the darkness behind us and honor the return of light and sun.

Over the course of 10 days in December, my […]

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Meet Chef Frank Giglio!

Meet Chef Frank Giglio of Midcoast Maine’s Three Lily Farm and Newest Member of the WHOLEmade Meal Shares Tribe
By Stacy Cimino from WHOLEmade Meal Shares

Meet my dear friend, Chef Frankie G, who is the newest member of the WHOLEmade Meal Shares tribe! He is filling the role of our “Culinary Mentor” as we bring ancestral foods […]

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Why Poor Nutrition Is A Corporate Problem

Why poor nutrition is a corporate problem

Good nutrition is the starting point for good health. No amount of exercise, stress management or sleep will make up for poor nutrition and there is no pharmaceutical or medical procedure that can rectify the consequences of poor nutrition. Our body’s need a basic set of nutrients from […]

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