Helen Allard
Helen AllardBA, LLB, NTP
Helen is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Certified Traditional Foods Cook with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Human Movement Studies and a Law Degree. She has spent 20 years consulting to organizations to develop and implement high impact strategy and programs.

Helen’s interest in nutrition and wellness was spawned during her career as an elite athlete in the Australian Lightweight Women’s Rowing Team in the late 1980’s – a career that was short lived when years of starving to ‘make weight’ and a grueling training regime finally took their toll.

In the following 2 decades, she built a career as a corporate management consultant, had 2 children and was a poster child for the low fat, high tech ‘food pyramid’ approach to diet.

At 40, suffering from debilitating IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and a slew of related health issues and with a son diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, she realized that medicine did not have the answers and turned to nutritional therapy to heal herself and her family.

Over the ensuing few years, she transformed her health and that of her family by adopting ANCESTRAL NUTRITION approach to diet and lifestyle.

History tells us that our ancestors didn’t suffer the debilitating health conditions that so many people experience today and when Helen started researching why that was, she quickly learned that a nutrient dense, whole food diet prepared using traditional methods and lifestyle choices that bring balance to our physiology and psychology provided the sustainable answers she was seeking.

Today, Helen has healed her gut, identified the food allergies and sensitivities that were reeking havoc on her immune system and lost the 30+ pounds that had accumulated after her athletic career ended to achieve a level of health, fitness and vitality that she is now dedicated to mentoring others to achieve.

Helen’s true calling is to share this understanding of how a human body functions, what REAL FOOD is and how to incorporate ancestral lifestyle principles into our 21st century lives. She has done it for herself and her family, and is passionate about enabling others to reap the benefits of the optimal health that she, and her family, now enjoy.

Stacy Cimino
Stacy CiminoBA, NTP
Stacy is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Nutrition Educator, Certified Traditional Foods Cook, a nationally certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. Stacy received her Nutritional Therapy Certification from The Nutritional Therapy Association and has trained under traditional foods chef Monica Corrado.

Stacy has always held a deep interest in nutrition, health and fitness. After graduating college she worked for a large pharmaceutical company until she left that career to focus on being a mother and a part time certified personal trainer. After many years of competitive triathlon racing, she began to feel the physical breakdown of her body leading to exhaustion. Raised on SAD foods (standard American diet) with an emphasis on low fat and fat free processed food products, her health began a steady decline starting with a nagging stomachache that lasted over a decade.

After an exhaustive search for answers she met a doctor who introduced her to the world of Functional Medicine, bio-individuality and the notion of seeking to uncover the root cause of the problem, versus simply putting a bandage on the symptoms. By shifting to an ANCESTRAL NUTRITION approach, which included eating a nutrient dense, whole foods diet and implementing lifestyle changes that include plenty of sleep and fresh air daily she was able to make the shift  to restore her health.

Stacy believes in the importance of being aware of our ancestral traditions while exploring what it means to be human in the 21st  century. It is where our shared human past and cutting edge science meet, that we can begin to restore our health and be guided towards healthy future decisions. Through her work Stacy aims to empower people to move away from the fast food culture and return to a more traditional REAL FOOD diet––the foundation for healing.

Stacy lives on the beautiful coast of Maine with her husband David, and two boys, Nicholas and Luca. She stays fit by including daily physical activities, walking and running. She eats copious amounts of vegetables and healthy/ full-fat animal products, amongst the many other delicious foods as nature intended. She and her family not only enjoy every meal, but clear the table feeling deeply satisfied and nourished. 

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